Sunday, July 12, 2009

Twins are in the Air!!!!

Being a mother to twin boys myself, I know what an exciting, special and exhausting experience it can be. So being able to share in the experience again with a wonderful friend is even more special. Keith and Kelly along with their 18 month old son Brody, are expecting 2 more boys at the end of the summer! And might I add that Kelly looks SO BEAUTIFUL. I can remember being 28 weeks and looking like a HUGE whale! She is still going about her daily routine, taking care of Brody and just doing wonderfully. The babies are growing and doing so great. I am so proud of you guys and am so thrilled that after so many struggles God has blessed you again, but doubly! I am here for you no matter what and can't wait to meet those boys. Congrats and enjoy the last few weeks of somewhat sanity! I love you all. Thank you for letting me capture these precious moments.

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