Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Larson Trio

Monday evening was such a great night for me. I had 3 of the most adorable and energetic kids. Scott who is 8, a little shy at first but a wonderful and cooperative young man. Liz and Zach who are 5 year old twins. Zach is just the cutest little guy ever which is very noticeable in his pictures. You can tell he is full of spunk and yet he is a bit mischievous too. And of course little Lizzy. She is just a beauty and LOVES to be in the spotlight but only when she is ready to be. Such a woman! ha ha. We had such a fun night and the kids all wanted me to come with them for ice cream afterwards too! Mom (Stacey), told me "don't you just love bribes"? Being a mom of 3 myself I had to agree! So here are a few pictures from the evening. Enjoy Larson family. Thanks again for letting me spend the evening with you all.

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